Mechanical Trittering

JK Cooper uses as Posi-Track Skid-Steer with a Forest Mower mounted Mulcher for land clearing.

mechanical tittering

Applications include:

  • Bushfire Hazard Reduction
  • Underscrubbing
  • Tree debris Mulching for limited access situations
  • Firebreaks & Existing Firebreak Maintenance
  • Tree Stump Grinding
  • Mulching of vegetation material
  • Drainage Swale Installation & Maintenance

J K Cooper Tree Services has a Posi-Track Skid-Steer with a Forest Mower mounted Mulcher.

The Skid-Steer operating station has been fitted with a suitable Forestry Protection package.

These machines are capable of negotiating steep terrain without hindrance of adverse environmental impact.

Perfect for sensitive areas requiring hazard elimination whilst protecting soil stability and protected flora.

The mulch is left in-situ, selective treatment can be applied to specific weeds without the need for spraying, manual removal of material or transportation of waste materials depending on client needs.

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