Block Clearing

One of the many highly specialised services offered by our tree experts here at J.K. Cooper is that of block clearing and ground maintenance. The term block clearing may be used to refer to tree removal within a small contained area or the extensive site clearance for major developments. Essentially, it is a comprehensive service covering tree felling, clearing, hauling and disposal.

This level of service requires the use of an array of specialised equipment. Here at J.K. Cooper, we have the latest and most advanced machinery for tree chipping, stump grinding, whole tree chipping, and tree cutting.

Further, and more importantly, we also have trained specialists who know how to use this machinery effectively and efficiently.

Our block clearing service here at J.K. Cooper includes clearing, hauling and disposing of trees. In addition to this, our experts are also able to perform brush clearing and removal of small shrubs. Land will need to be levelled and in the final stages a clean-up process is necessary to ready the area for development.

Through years of experience here at J.K. Cooper, we have built up a team of expert arborists who have been providing residents of the NSW region with effective block clearing services for years, in addition to the other services we offer.

If you’re in need of a team of qualified and experienced experts to perform block clearing work on your property, give us a call! We look forward to discussing the specifics of your job and letting you know how we can assist you.

See an example of block clearing below

land block clearing 01

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