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Why You Shouldn’t Believe These Tree Planting Myths

November 20, 2017 Tree planting

Here are some tree planting myths and why you shouldn’t altogether believe in them. Tree planting is a difficult yet fulfilling activity. You can find all sorts of planting techniques and advice. However, there are times where you shouldn’t believe everything you hear or read. There are tree planting myths floating around that you have […]

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Tree Recycling 101

November 10, 2017 Tree recycling

You’d be surprised at the many things you can do about your trees. Trees are such a hassle to get rid of. You may have trees you want to remove from your yard, or an old tree you had up during Christmas time. But what are you going to do with something that big? You […]

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Wild Storm Rampaged Across Kurri Kurri

November 7, 2017 Blog

A wild storm rampaged across NSW Hunter Valley and the Central Coast uprooting trees, stripping off roofs, and knocking down power lines on its path. With winds of over 100 kilometres per hour, the affected areas experienced a tornado-like devastation — roofs and even washing machines were sent flying across the town! State Emergency Service […]

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Significance of Dead Wooding

October 31, 2017 Uncategorized

What is dead wooding and how important is this process? Dead wooding is one of the many systematic processes involved in tree management. It is sometimes referred to as ‘tree surgery’, and is better described as: the process of removing dead branches from a tree canopy in order to keep it healthy. Without going through […]

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What is an Arborist Report?

October 30, 2017 Arborist Report

An Arborist Report could be helpful in many ways. An arborist report is a document containing all the necessary technical information of particular vegetation. Written by a certified arborist, this report identifies the trees and shrubs in the area – what species they belong to, their size, and their overall condition. It is highly detailed, […]

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How to Relocate Mature trees

September 14, 2017 Tree removal

Sometimes you need to relocate a mature tree for landscaping and building reasons, or you might simply want to add a fully-grown tree to your garden for extra shade and a place for wildlife to nest. It goes without saying that transplanting a large tree is a big job that requires a lot of effort […]

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How to Maintain a Tree: Your 10 Year Maintenance Plan

August 21, 2017 Tree Care

Trees not only bring beauty to the space around us, they also play a huge role in the environment, aiding life on Earth. Approximately 70,000 square kilometres of forests are cut down annually, that is between 3.5 billion and 7 billion trees lost every year! Being the biggest plants on Earth, trees are responsible for […]

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How to Get Ready for Crop Cultivation

August 18, 2017 Tree removal

Food is the most basic need of man; it is fundamental to human existence. But, as a gardener, you know that there is along process – from preparing seedbeds to sowing, to crop nutrition to management – to make sure that the food you grow is worth eating. Factors to consider before cultivation Lots of […]

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Importance of School Tree Inspections

July 19, 2017 Tree Inspections

Trees are known for enhancing the overall appeal of a school campus. More than that, trees contribute to cleaner air as they produce the oxygen that we all breathe in. But, if tree inspections and maintenance are not adhered to, the trees we look up to can pose risks to people and property where they […]

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Common Tree Problems and Solutions

July 12, 2017 Tree Care, Tree removal

Everyday life has become too hectic. We rush out of the house in the morning, wondering where our car keys are, or whether we can get an extension on our project due tomorrow. Until, one day, after another hard day in the office we pull into our driveway and notice that, what was once a […]

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Different Soil Types and their Characteristics

June 30, 2017 Planting tips

Even with just a little arboriculture knowledge, everyone knows how essential the soil is as a medium of plant growth. The soil is responsible for holding moisture, supporting the roots, and providing air, nutrients, and minerals needed for plant nourishment. In order for your plant to achieve optimal growth, you must use the appropriate soil […]

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The Basics of Tree Pruning (proper techniques, benefits, etc.)

June 12, 2017 Tree Pruning Techniques

Tree pruning, which is the process of trimming and eliminating tree branches, has long been practiced for tree care. It is done for a lot of reasons –to cut the height, remove damaged parts, or shape a design. Whatever the aim though, it should be noted that there are specific ways branches should be pruned […]

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Removing the tree stump

March 30, 2017 Tree stump

What makes it so important? When a tree is cut, its stump can be left in the ground or dugout, depending on the property owner’s choice or budget limitations. They can still be put to good use when left in the ground, such as providing a natural bench for sitting or cutting firewood. It is […]

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Getting to Know Your Arborist

March 15, 2017 Arborist

When it comes to proper and effective care for your trees, seek the help of professional services like those from J.K. Cooper Tree Services. The people behind this important task are certified and licensed to care for trees. They are called arborists, and they are the ones who can come to your aid for everything […]

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What is Mulching?

February 28, 2017 Mulching

Mulching is a widely-practiced gardening technique that is beneficial for plants when done properly. It is the act of covering the soil with mulches, such as bark, wood chips, leaves, and other organic material, in order to preserve moisture and improve the condition of the soil. The benefits that mulching provides can save you a […]

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Right of Way

February 10, 2017 Tree removal

Managing Trees That Grow Near Power Lines Having trees on your property adds a natural flair to the general aesthetics, but what do you do when they become a potential cause of danger? It’s no longer just an assumption, but a proven fact that overgrown trees have caused some of the most destructive disasters ever […]

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Summer Tips for Maintaining Garden and Trees

January 31, 2017 Summer Tips

Just like us, plants can get quite uncomfortable during the hot days of summer. Your trees can become too dry or dehydrated, and may also become weak and prone to illness. Because of the different weather and high temperature, they may need a certain kind of care in order to remain healthy. Here are a […]

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Tree removal: How to know when it’s time to bring down that tree

January 19, 2017 Tree removal

Australian homeowners are advised every day by the government to plant trees for a better environment, pollution control and a ton of other reasons. It’s a moral thing too for some: Why do you have to cut down a tree, why not maintain and plant more? But a tree is not always forever. They often […]

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5 Signs Your Tree Needs a Health Check

December 12, 2016 Blog

Trees are wonderful additions to any backyard. They improve air quality, provide homes for wildlife, cool your home and yard and provide a naturally soothing and pleasant environment. But sometimes trees look a little strange and that weirdness might be a sign that all is not well with your foliage Trees Tell You When They’re […]

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Tree of Strife – Dealing with a Neighbour’s Problem Tree

December 5, 2016 Blog

Trees are an essential and usually pleasant part of an urban environment. They provide fresh air and shade and create a more pleasant environment to live in. But they can also create strife when a neighbour’s tree interferes with your enjoyment of your property, or even puts you at risk. With this guide in hand, […]

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Trees and Powerlines: A Dangerous Mix

November 28, 2016 Blog

Trees and vegetation growing too close to powerlines and other infrastructure can cause blackouts, start grass fires, property fires, or bushfires, and increase the risk of electrocution. They can also act as obstructions that restrict access to utility infrastructure. This can hinder essential maintenance leading to further risks. Take Responsibility Making sure that trees on […]

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Caring for Larger Mature Trees

November 21, 2016 Blog

A healthy tree on your property increases in value as it ages. It can increase property value, beautify your surroundings, purify the air, and save energy. Looking after larger, mature trees on your property is a good investment and is also essential to making sure they don’t pose a risk to you, your family, or […]

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Our Top 5 Tree Care Tips

November 14, 2016 Blog

Caring for your trees properly is important to make sure you get the most out of them. Using our experience as long time arborists in Newcastle, we have put together this guide to caring for your tree. Finding the Right Tree Proper tree care begins with selecting the right tree and planting it in the […]

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Environmentally Friendly Tree Removal

November 7, 2016 Blog

In one sense, you own the trees on your property, but not in the same way that you own your car or your TV. If you get sick of those items you can discard them at will and no one can stop you, but the same is not true with tree removal. To remove a […]

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How Regular Pruning Helps Your Trees To Thrive

October 31, 2016 Blog

Regularly pruning your trees is beneficial for their growth and health. It also helps keep you, your property, and your neighbourhood safe. We’ll discuss some of the best reasons to keep on top of pruning your trees and have a look at best practices for tree pruning. Safety First The most important reason for regular […]

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Tree Removal – Here’s Why You Should Call the Professionals

October 27, 2016 Blog

Unhealthy or damaged trees can become a hazard to your home or business. If the risks are too great or the tree is too far gone, tree removal may be necessary to solve the problem. It might be tempting to try and save money by removing a tree yourself, but unless you happen to be […]

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Storm Warning – Tree Safety in Wild Weather

October 24, 2016 Blog

When wild weather approaches, trees can turns from friends to foes. If you live in a storm-prone area be sure to get your trees looked at by a qualified arborist when storm season rolls around. They can recommend or provide tree pruning, tree maintenance, or emergency tree removal services to make sure you and your […]

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10 Essential Things to Consider Before Tree Removal

October 19, 2016 Blog

While it is sometimes necessary to have a tree on your property removed, this isn’t something you should just rush into. To avoid problems ranging from potential injuries to environmental destruction, there are some important things you need to consider. Council Regulations The first thing you’ll need to consider is whether you’re allowed to remove […]

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