Maitland Tree Services

Looking for a reliable tree maintenance company in the historic Maitland region? JK Cooper Tree Services is a trusted name that offers a variety of tree services in the Maitland region, from tree removal services, bushfire hazard reduction, block clearing, land clearing, and more.

Note that in Maitland, a development consent may be required before you remove or prune a tree in your property. This is because trees within the region are protected under the law, particularly the Maitland Local Environmental Plan 2011.

Check out Maitland Council regulations on tree cutting here. For trees in rural lands, check out this page. If you need to cut or prune tree that belongs to your neighbour yet you cannot obtain the latter’s consent, check out the provisions under the Tree Disputes Between Neighbours Act of 2006.

For more information about cutting trees on public lands or for other enquiries before getting tree services, call the Maitland Council Coordinator Recreation & Tree Services at 02 4934 9618.

Expert tree services

Here at JK Cooper Tree Services, we offer commercial and residential tree management programs and arboriculture services.

Tree removal services involve the safe, reliable and professional way of removing trees. Our methods ensure that there are no safety and security risks to removing unwanted trees. From the smallest species to bigger trees, we provide ways to clear up dying, dangerous, or displaced tree growths.

Tree lopping involves the trimming of various sections of a tree. Our qualified tree surgeons will conduct tree inspections, tree hazard and risk assessment routines, and more, in order to prevent the risks involved. We offer solutions to overhanging branches which can damage your roof or stand as a danger to motorists.

Our stump grinding services are guaranteed to remove unwanted stumps from your commercial or residential property. You may want to remove stumps for a variety of reasons, such as aesthetic, convenience or safety reasons.

Scrub clearing involves the removal of small stumps, weeds and woody debris, while preserving soil integrity. Land clearing involves completely removing trees, bush, and unwanted plant growth to create more space.

We offer other services you may be in need of, such as hazardous tree identification, school tree inspections and even tree recycling. We offer all of these professional services at competitive prices.

Your trusted tree services provider in Maitland

Our expert and affordable services are brought to you by a highly trained and competent staff. You can trust in the prompt and reliable service of our JK Cooper Tree Services staff. With decades of service and combined experience, we only want to offer the best in tree management services. Contact us to avail of top-of-the-line tree services today!

Providing tree maintenance services to residential,
commercial and government clients