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Lake Macquarie Tree Services

Dying trees and unmaintained scrub and land area can pose a lot of problems. If you need the services of a tree maintenance company in Lake Macquarie, we at JK Cooper Tree Services can help you.

Tree removal is a difficult and dangerous process that needs to be performed only by professionals. No matter how much you want to keep a tree, if it is posing danger and hazard in your area, then you need to address the problem immediately.

Note, however, that you must act within the rules and regulations of the Lake Macquarie Council. For removing or pruning trees erected on private lands, you need to lodge and application with the Lake Macquarie council first before starting work. You can apply online, by mail, or personally at the Administration Building between 8am and 5pm Monday thru Friday. The office is located at 126-138 Main Road, Speers Point. For enquiries, call 02 4921 0333.

It is also possible not to get the Council’s approval if the tree falls under certain categories, such as when the tree is dead as confirmed by a Level 3 Arborist, or when the tree is less than 3 metres in height. Read up for more information about this on the Lake Macquarie Council page.

Tree removal and other services from JK Cooper

JK Cooper is composed of professionals and arborists with decades of industry experience in tree management. We specialise in tree removal, tree lopping, stump grinding, scrub clearing and land clearing. We have a deep knowledge in trees and advance cutting techniques. And for all your tree maintenance inquiries, we have knowledgeable arborists who can provide you with expert advice.

While dying trees can pose risks and danger on its surrounding area, unmaintained scrub can equally pose problems in grasslands and habitats. We at JK Cooper provides scrub clearing and land clearing services. We also do stump removal and stump grinding services to remove tree stumps that can are also as dangerous and hazardous as dying trees.

Aside from our knowledge, we are also complete with all the equipment, tools and machines to help make our job efficient. We take pride in the fact that we offer a wide range of services which include tree pruning, tree surgery, emergency tree removals, weed clearing and wood chipping.

Professional tree services in Lake Macquarie

If you need professional advice and services from a reliable and trusted tree maintenance company, then do not hesitate to contact us at JK Cooper Tree Services. We handle all types of tree maintenance services, from tree removal to land clearing. With our years of industry experience, professional knowledge and top-of-the-line equipment, you can trust us to get your job done for you in no time.

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