Tree Inspections

As a company specializing in trees and issues involving trees, it should be no surprise that JK Cooper is one of the most trusted providers of tree inspections in the Hunter Region.

Whether you’re a private property owner interested in finding out the health your trees or a park manager or public group interested in learning about why a tree is being afflicted with a certain insect or disease, we will help you analyze and inspect your tree to get you the answers you’re looking for.

Firstly, we make a preliminary assessment of the tree in question. We arrive at your property at the designated time and together with you, we take a look at the tree or trees you are interested in having inspected and we begin analyzing it.

This is normally the point where we realize what’s wrong with your particular tree and are able to point you in the right direction regarding your tree. Our experienced team will make recommendations to you as to what you can do in increasing the health of your tree or tree population.

We may also offer you further assistance with your tree and assist you to further care for it or remove and replace it. However, if it is needed, our expert team is able to conduct the next two levels of investigation and inspection at your discretion.

The second stage of inspection involves investigation of known or suspected tree defects. We do our best to analyze and do any research that we require, whether that be contacting our partners or using past cases to effectively judge exactly what is going on with your tree.

At this stage, if we discover what is wrong, we point you in the appropriate direction of what needs to be done regarding your tree or tree population. We will then help you formulate a plan involving your tree, whether it needs to be removed or simply treated in some other way.

The final stage of our tree inspection is to identify any pests or diseases and quickly and efficiently take care of these issues. Dealing with pests regarding trees is no joke and improper care in this area can leave the neighbouring trees with even more problems than the infected one. We will avoid this.

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