Environmentally Responsible Tree Services

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Environmentally Responsible Tree Services

Trees we remove are normally recycled and returned to the environment or reused. For example, if we remove a tree that a client does not want, we will mulch, or repurpose the timber for furniture or firewood.

The impact we have on the environment today is making a big difference on the world of future generations. It’s our responsibility to care for our planet and ensure our future well-being and trees are a major part of that.

Anyone who’s ever worked with us here at JK Cooper knows how much we value the environment and strive to take care of it as best as we can. For the past 40 years, we’ve maintained a record as one of the best tree removal and land clearing companies in the region.

Tree recycling

We are seen as an industry leader in the area of tree management, not only for the fantastic services we provide our customers but also for the way in which we deal with environmental concerns and take care of our job sites. We aim to recycle 100% of the tree material that we cut down.

The trees we service either wind up being reused, recycled or mulched. Some of our clients wish to remove trees for reasons other than health, for example construction. It makes no sense for us to dispose of the tree as municipal waste plus taking it to the tip is expensive. Instead, we put the tree to good use elsewhere depending on the type and the quality of the timber.

Contribution to community

Another way in which we care for the environment is in offering many free services to the groups of our community that need them most. When available we may provide free or discounted mulch to community projects, including community gardens and Landcare sites. This is part of our dedication to not only the environment but also the community.

We believe that through caring for the environment, the community is strengthened, which leads to increased connectivity and joy in the community, something we value quite a bit.

Through our work in past decades, we have developed specific systems, plans and procedures for dealing with environmental issues in relation to trees. We train all of our new team members in these areas and ensure everyone works in a safe and responsible way.

On our project sites, we ensure that we are following these environmental and safety procedures and do our best to ensure that the customer also knows how to care for the environment and their trees as well.

We hope that you share the same passion and vision for the environment as we do. We look forward to helping you with your next project and ensuring that all procedures are carried out in a highly effective and environmentally sound fashion.

Big Crane Besides A Tall Tree & Electric Pools
Worker Cutting A Tall Tree Branch