A tree stump in a forest

10 Essential Things to Consider Before Tree Removal

A tree stump in a forest

While it is sometimes necessary to have a tree on your property removed, this isn’t something you should just rush into. To avoid problems ranging from potential injuries to environmental destruction, there are some important things you need to consider.

  1. Council Regulations

The first thing you’ll need to consider is whether you’re allowed to remove the tree in the first place. Look into your local council regulations around trees on private property – you will almost always need to seek permission.

  1. Environmental Impact

Trees provide a huge range of environmental and health benefits, such as absorbing CO2, fighting erosion, and improving mental health. As such, removing a tree should always be seen as having a cost. Get an arborist’s report to make sure your tree is not too essential to the local ecosystem.

  1. Falling Branches

Tree branches can fall in unexpected ways when cut. They can also give out unexpectedly when rotten, causing injury or even death. Unless you have the expertise and equipment to cut branches safely at heights, you should avoid doing this yourself.

  1. Electrical Hazards

Another hazard when working with trees is the risk of electrocution or starting a fire. Trees could come into contact with electrical wires while you work, creating serious risks to yourself, your property, and the neighbourhood.

  1. Working at a Height

Working at height is inherently dangerous and working in a tree is particularly bad. Whereas a ladder or platform is manufactured for safety and is fairly predictable, trees are not designed to keep you safe. Falls are a real risk because of uneven surfaces, snapping branches, and tree movement caused by the wind.

  1. Decaying Wood

It can be hard for a layperson to accurately assess the structural integrity of a tree. Trees that look sturdy to the casual observer may actually be rotting and weakened, presenting a range of risks that are only heightened by being hidden.

  1. Dangerous Equipment

Even for an experienced home handyman, using tools to remove a tree presents massive risks. There is a big difference between using a chainsaw in your garage and using it while balanced in a tree!

  1. It’s Not Just about You

As well as the risks posed to you should you choose to remove a tree, you may also be putting neighbours, pets, and even your own family at risk. Without proper training in how to safely remove a tree, the likelihood of injury or fatality from a simple mistake is too high.

  1. Property Damage

If your tree overhangs a property, whether it’s your own or a neighbour’s, the risk of property damage from tree removal is quite high. By carrying out a removal yourself you both increase the risk of damage and take on sole financial responsibility.

  1. The Quality of the Work

A good tree removal is done with respect for the local environment, community, and properties and is carried out safely and professionally. After considering all the factors above, it should be clear that any tree removal should be carried out by professional arborists.

If you have a tree that needs to go in Newcastle, contact our Cessnock arborists to find out how we can help.

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